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[announcement] hiatus

Hey guys,

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I have decided that I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from sleighlay. I need to find a balance between my school work, personal life, and fandom life.

Unfortunately, this means:

-I will not be completing the 14 days of kaisoo this year.
-I will not be working on fics that I owe people. To all of you, I’m sorry, but I hope you’ll understand.
-If I happen to post something, please respect that it does not mean I have returned from hiatus.

I’m not leaving the fandom though! You can still find me:
-on twitter (where I tend to spazz about Sehun) and ash.
-on ask.fm (where my friends are evil and tease me with my otps)

Yours truly,

Jenn (sleighlay)

give me all your money (and i'll take all your love)

Title: give me all your money (and i’ll take all your love)
Pairing: kaisoo
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2.7k
Summary: Kyungsoo is probably the worst waiter CEO Kim Jongin has ever come across.
Notes: Adele and Ansa were my lifesavers for this fic. I love you both so much!

By the time Jongin fell asleep that night, all he could think about were twinkling eyes and mischievous grins.Collapse )

slayer (of my heart)

Title: slayer (of my heart)
Pairing: Kaisoo
Length: 7.5k
Genre: fantasy/medieval dragonslayer!au (FLUFF!)
Rating: G
Summary: Jongin is supposed to slay the dragon on the mountain, but Kyungsoo won't let him.

Notes: i love you allCollapse )

'I told you,' Jongin said, his grip tightening on his sword. 'I’m here to kill the dragon.'Collapse )

warm skin (cool silk)

title: warm skin (cool silk)
pairing: seho
length: 2.8k
rating: NC-17
summary: joonmyun rides sehun in a dress (canon!au)
notes: this was a spontaneous collab fic with the wonderful horramata, and we had a blast writing it together.

Sehun wakes up to the clicking sound of heels nearing his hide-out, and his name being called out, echoing against the empty walls of the hallway.Collapse )

bronze is for losers

title: bronze is for losers
pairing: xiuhun (i have been consumed by this ship. please save me)
rating: g
length: 700 words
summary: sehun just really, really wants to help minseok get out of the bronze league (starcraft!au)
notes: i love starcraft almost as much as i love xiuhun...which is a lot. also let it be known that i have no idea how zerg works (i play terran) so please humor me. written for exocollab's september theme : games!

'Minseok, I think it’s time for an intervention'Collapse )

alpha, please

title: alpha, please
pairing: kaisoo
rating: NC-17
warnings: top!soo, age gap and age switch (jongin is 25 and kyungsoo is 18), knotting
length: 1.3k
summary: kyungsoo was in the elevator on his way to his uncle's office when he smelled someone so delicious he just had to wreck him (a/b/o!au)
notes: written for ali (zeroseven_) as one of her exorelieffund drabble requests ^^

Kyungsoo entered the office building where his uncle worked, popping the bubblegum in his mouth as he raised the volume on his ipod higher than necessary.Collapse )

becca's birthday drabbles

For the amazing and wonderful jumpthisship who wrote me 10k of catboy sekai for my birthday (and another 5k or so of mpreg sekai wolf!au in kakaotalk). I love you!! I really wish I could write more, honestly, but you know me OTL.

Without further ado, I present sesoo and chankai!!!

title: anniversaries and allergies
pairing: chankai
rating: g
summary: dog hybrid!au (even though there really is no point for them to be dogs, whoops) chanyeol surprises jongin for their anniversary

Jongin sneezed.Collapse )

title: whipped
pairing: sesoo
rating: g
summary: wedding!au Kyungsoo thinks that a frustrated Sehun is a cute Sehun.

If he had his way, they would have already gone to the courthouse and signed the marriage certificate without having to deal with the whole ‘wedding’ ordeal.Collapse )